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Getting To The Why

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Our office recently saw a TED Talk by Simon Sinek on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. To summarize, he talks about a concept he came up with called the Golden Circle. There are three layers to a company; the outside layer is the “What”. What do you do and this could be a personal question30

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Be Careful What Click Through Rate You Wish For

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As the old saying goes, “be careful for what you wish for; you may receive it” is something that holds very true in today’s world, especially when it involves the Click Through Rate of your AdWords account. In a recent article, we discussed the new Added By AdWords testing going on and Google’s assertion that30

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Things Don’t Exactly Match Up Here

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The Friday News Dump, while it is most notorious in the news world, it can be applied in several different places, in fact Google engaged in their own Friday News Dump last week. While a large portion of the population was distracted with March Madness and or celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Google quietly released some30

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Added By AdWords

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What if we told you that Google is starting a new pilot where they believe they can do a better job writing your ads than you? This may sound crazy but as they say, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The Ads Added by AdWords pilot has been publicly known for a little over a30

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Featured Client- Western Bat Specialist

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Western Bat Specialists have been an SMS client since March 2014. When Bat Grl first talked with us there were major problems in their AdWords account and website. We dropped everything and worked through the weekend to get them and their phones back up and running/ringing. Today we provide AdWords, SEO, and Website maintenance services30

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New SMS Staff: Marvin Byrd

Marvin provides hardware, software, and security engineering services at SMS. The systems side of our business has been working on PPC automation and AdTech Networks like our AuLaCart project and Marvin brings a new depth of geek to our staff. Marvin will also be providing security engineering in both hardware and software to clients. Marvin30

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