Digital AdvertisingDigital advertising is an ever-evolving environment. We’ve successfully managed hundreds of accounts and millions of dollars in advertising since 1994 so let us pay attention to the changes so you can pay attention to your business. Digital advertising is data driven and the ppc advertising agency you choose needs to be analytical and creative to get the job done. Like a good game of chess we know how the pieces work together and how to keep our eyes on the goals.

We Are Experts In: 

Search placements are where systems, language, people, and advertising collide. Our team members are highly skilled at running these complex systems. We started with Google AdWords in 2003 and have managed tens of millions in ad placement cost since then. The magic to search is the quality vs. quantity balance and negative keywords.

Display placements are advertisements placed next to content (ex. an article on a news site) that reach the more passive prospect. We understand the many different ways to target Display ads.

Remarketing is Display that is targeted by a prior action of the visitor, most commonly a visit to a specific page or domain.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is not commonly considered advertising but in reality, unless you have a source of free professional labor, SEO is just a separate expense. Some call this earned but again it is still a cost so we consider it to be part advertising and part content.

SMS hasGoogle Partner Badge been a Google Partner since the inception of the program and even today, 100% of our clients use our Google AdWords management services. Since the early days of our business, July 7, 2003 to be exact, this was all we did. To the best of our knowledge nobody has provided AdWords services longer than we have.

We understand the complexities of AdWords and our staff holds and has held every certification offered. The majority of our staff have multiple levels of certification in every specialization. Simply stated we eat, live, and breathe AdWords. In 2009, we published a nationally distributed book “AdWords Expert Handbook” written and published under Bob Dumouchel, our CEO.

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