Data AnalysisIn this day and age operating a business without good analytics is foolish, but recording the data is only the first step in a long term process. We assist our clients by helping them understand the meaning hidden in the data. It is common in our industry to bury clients in data while they starve for information.

The real art form of analytics is the reading of the tea leaves and making the jump from the data facts to the real world meaning. In marketing, the data is imperfect and represents clues, not facts. Using data from analytics, adwords, internal business performance, and even news events helps us to analyze response to your website, advertising, and other marketing channels. From that analysis we can give you insights that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

In the Analytics area of our business our goal is to discover “What just happened?” and recommend “What’s next?” We believe that marketing is a continual improvement process, not a project with a start and stop. The goal is to be better on the next cycle than you were in the last cycle. Analyzing data over a period of time and knowing your business’s goals helps us to make better recommendations not just for your marketing, but also for your business overall.

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