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Monthly Archives: March 2014

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New Service Rollout: Social Media Administration

Social media is time consuming and confusing, but also an essential part of a business’s marketing strategy. If you realize the benefit of being active on social media but have other priorities, then this service is for you.

Service Benefits:

  • Time Savings
  • Consistent Marketing Message
  • Branding
  • Drive People to Website – Improve SEO
  • Build your Network of Connections

An effective social media plan has to be executed or it’s just a plan. Our services are designed for the Executive or Manager that needs to have a presence in social media but cannot afford the time required to do this properly. Our experts discuss with you how you want to be represented and implement the details while providing you with the ability to control the strategy. Our experts help you pick the networks that are important to your business and to engage with the groups that mean something to you. They can make recommendations and then execute on your instructions. The typical manager needs only a few hours of service each week so the service is affordable.

Keeping up with the changes in social media is almost a full time job and our staff works full time in these networks. This gives them an insight to the opportunities and risks that would otherwise consume days of your time each week. Our staff reduces the amount of work involved in social media by 90% saving busy executives like yourself hours that can be spent focused on the business of your business.

Call Us To Talk About Your Social Media Plan! 800.272.0887

Call us to see what's next for your marketing.