Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Every company needs a CRM system to track opportunities and hold sales teams accountable for nurturing leads. The REAL power in modern CRM systems is in Sales Automation. This is a way to manage the sales cycle; from first contact to final sale.

Two of the main benefits of an automated system is that it improves the lead conversion rate and it’s a good way to follow up with your clients.

Lead Conversion

Don’t let prospects ignore your proposals while your making moves and working on creating more business. With Sales Automation, you can create a drip campaign specific to those contacts who have received a proposal. This will help in increasing the likelihood of a lead turning into a signed deal. When you use powerful sales automation tools at the right steps of your sales funnel, you can increase engagement and have a significant improvement in ROI.

Client Follow-up

Automation is a great tool for following up with clients. You can use it recognize a clients anniversary or remind them to renew their subscription. Dentistry is an industry that uses these types of campaigns on a regular basis. I’m sure you have noticed that you get phone calls or mail reminding you it’s time to get your teeth cleaned. With flexible tools, like Ontraport, there is no reason you cannot have your own campaigns built to increase repeat sales of existing clients.

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