Team members strategizingA well developed strategy is the guiding light that your business needs to succeed in the market. We know that your business is different; we also know that every business has to communicate their value in a way that matches their core values and beliefs. We use this knowledge combined with your business goals to craft a custom marketing strategy.

Within the strategy, we explore, discuss, document, and plan the detailed execution of the marketing plan. This creates the key performance indicators that are used to manage the marketing performance. We start with the business missions, goals, and persona then build out the major channels with data collected on competitors, customers, and prospects in your market. This sets the stage for a management process of “What just happened?” and “What’s next?”

The small business challenge is that while you need the best marketing talent, they are rare, hard to find, and expensive. Our model allows you to add a professional level of marketing talent at a scale and cost that fits your business.

Our process revolves around the strategy.

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