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In Production

  • Internet Marketing Intro
    Description: A Quick overview of Internet Marketing today.  This webinar starts with an introduction to the three basic concept of marketing: Targeting, Demographics, and the Sales Funnel.  The class then covers the most common Internet Marketing tools: Social Media, Content, PPC (Pay-per-Click Advertising), Sales Automation, and Creative Design.

Future Webinars

  • Content
    Description: How do I talk to my audience in a way that informs them and simultaneously keeps their attention?  How does SEO play with the content I write?  What should be an article and what should be a blog?
  • Website Analytics
    Description: Website traffic monitoring tools like Google Analytics have a wide selection of reports to describe people’s interaction with your site.  This webinar will bring clarity on the most valuable reports and help you build a strategy of measuring website success.
  • Social Media Strategy
    Description: Learn why Social Media is useful for business and which channel(s) you should invest your time.  Finally we will discuss marketing strategies on how to coordinate both your website and social media efforts.
  • SEO
    Description: Garnering over 80% of search, Google has the greatest influence when it comes to SEO strategies that bring the most traffic to your website.  As a result, a large part of SEO is keeping Google happy.  Other strategies within this course include copywriting, using word clouds, and competitive strategies to see how your website can outrank your competitors.

Snippets of webinars in production will be shared on our Facebook page and other Social Media channels.


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