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Data Analysis

Due to the real-time auction nature of PPC, it is impossible to build an efficient ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ AdWords campaign. Costs will quickly get out of control and you will be bidding higher than necessary with having an analyst review the performance of your PPC marketing on a regular basis. With expertise in Google AdWords, Bing Ads & Facebook ads and also recognized as a Google Premier Partner, you can be sure your account is running efficiently. We also implement custom scripts that monitor your AdSpend on an hourly basis and monitor your landing pages to ensure each click provides the best experience for your leads. You can also expect monthly reports on the performance of your PPC marketing channels with recommendations for improving performance:

  • Monthly Reports – Dashboards: AdWords, Traffic; plus Analyst Report
  • 360 Report – We go full circle with your Digital Marketing with feedback to improve sales conversions, increase traffic, and improvements to the overall Sales Experience
  • SEO Feedback – By reviewing actual searches matched to your ads learn about the terminology of the searcher and provide recommendations of SEO feedback to ensure your website closely matches the words and though patterns used by your ideal clients.

While Google AdWords plays a very crucial role in helping business owners improve business results, it does not operate in isolation and is part of a larger marketing ecosystem.

PPC Metrics

In sports, it is essential to play offense and defense. Search engines are very similar in this regard as you need to be paying close attention to both the Paid & Organic sides of the search results page. The data from AdWords can help you identify opportunity areas for improvement on the Organic side of the search results based on traffic volume, the average cost per visit, impression share and quality score.

Conversion Rate

The primary function of your Google AdWords account is to get people to your website. The function of your website is to sell prospective customers on the value of your service and to get them to do business with you. Having a strong website is essential to having a successful Google AdWords campaign. This involves analyzing your website on a regular basis to see how changes to the design and content of your website can help you improve your Conversion Rate.

Google Analytics

One tool that is absolutely critical in evaluating the effectiveness of your website in turning visitors into converting customers is Google Analytics. Having one of our Analysts Review Google Analytics tracking data is crucial as they can help you identify strong and weak performing parts of your website and provide detailed recommendations to help improve the website experience for your visitors and overall results for your AdWords Campaign.

Call us to see what's next for your marketing.