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Google wants HTTPS everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

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Since 2014, Google has been advocating for “HTTPS Everywhere” which means that they want all internet browsing to be secure. Changes in new version of Chrome will be labels as “not secure”.  The message that shows in the address bar will look like this:

chrome website not secure

This is beneficial for users by providing a convenient notification of which sites are safe to give sensitive information too. In the last few years there have been big profile data breaches like Equifax and Target to name a couple. Even more recently, Facebook has been caught up in a scandal where sensitive information was used for political advertising purposes.

The time couldn’t be more ripe for Google to go forward in pressuring for its HTTPS Everywhere initiative. Google has not called out any particular company out by name but you can be sure that these news stories are fresh enough that when they talk about a secure internet users are going to be behind this initiative.


As a business, switching to HTTPS as soon as possible will help you gain advantage on competitors who are slow to adopt and will give your users more trust when they use your website.

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