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  • 800-272-0887

Millenials using smartphones and tabletsSocial Media is a dialog with talking, listening, and observing. Businesses must learn not only to manage social media but how to speak in a conversation that might engage thousands or even millions of important people. Businesses that ignore social media or fail to learn its rules, do so at great risk to their business. Bad manners or missteps in the market can scale to global levels in minutes fueled by today’s “always on” social media.

Not all agencies are created equally and you need to make sure that your agency methods match the persona of your business. We work best with businesses that educate the market on the value they deliver as their market strategy. We believe that people do not want to be sold to, they want to be educated on the value so they can make a good decision. The guiding statement for this marketing approach is:

“People do business with those they trust; they trust those that help them understand.”

Social media is about having a conversation with your customers. Most of us are comfortable having a conversation but very few have mastered the skills to have a conversation at full market scale. Social media changed the mechanics and economics as it changed communications from broadcast to a conversation. In the past, we created an advertisement and figured out how to broadcast it to the market. Today we have to have a conversation with the market to communicate our value. We can help you get the conversation started with your customers.

Call us to see what's next for your marketing.