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The Honey Bear

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When Expectations Collide

When I was in college a local church put together a weekend retreat – for 3 days and 2 nights we were paired up and would even spend the night with volunteer host family.  There were great activities of fun and fellowship and engaging speakers each evening.  On our first night our hosts had to leave early the next morning so they showed around and welcomed us to the use of their kitchen in their absence.

As we were fixing ourselves cereal, only plain Cheerios were available and I needed some sugar.  No matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find the sugar; but I did find the honey-bear.  I poured on a liberal amount of honey, sat down in front of my college-mate,  and with a smile on my face I took a huge scoop of honey covered Cheerios!

Immediately I gagged and spit the cereal out!  My college-mate was quite alarmed and between spits and gags I choked out one word “Soap!” – The honey-bear was filled with yellow colored dish-soap! The honey-bear was certainly a cute accent near the kitchen sink but turned out to be my nightmare.

I’ve had my share of honey-bear experiences;  I would buy a service or package with one set of expectations only to face a very different reality.  Many businesses today, even with the best of intentions, continue to make honey-bear experiences for their customers.  At SMS, we design Sales Experiences Worth Talking About.  From Sales Automation and Drip Campaigns to Interactive Ads and Social Media Posts our focus is creating a meaningful relationship and building a bridge of trust.

I would love to hear about your Honey-Bear stories.

1 Comment

Lorna Whiteaker

March 28, 2018at 4:36 pm

Always can count on you for the most engaging stories!

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